About Me

Roxychowdown Roxanne Perue

Firstly – “Let Us Give Thanks to The Lord God Almighty for His Everlasting Blessings, but most of all for the Gift of Salvation through Jesus Christ.”

Hi My Peeps! 

I’m Roxy – A Jamaican wife, mother, recipe developer, head cook and bottle washer for ‘Roxy Chow Down’. Last but not least, I’m a food fanatic (or in other words, “mi love mi belly baad!”)

Everyone who knows me knows I love to laugh, I love to cook, I love to eat, but most of all – they know how much I love to share my food. 

That’s why I’ve created this ‘Foodie Spot’. Here, I’ll teach you easy ways to prepare flavourful and satisfying recipes loaded with rich Jamaican flavour, so you can enjoy them too!

You’ll find my best ‘step-by-step’ recipes and cooking tips honed by over 30 years of cooking authentic Jamaican food. But you’ll get much more than that! You’ll also get delicious ‘twists’ to some of your favourite international dishes.  If you love ‘take-out dishes’ like crispy fried shrimp or sweet and sour chicken, you’ll love this foodie spot. I’ll teach you how to make ‘restaurant-style’ food at home, so you’ll get to enjoy these dishes when you crave them, and save lots of time, and money too! What’s even more exciting is that most of my recipes have detailed recipe VIDEOS at the end for those who prefer to watch me as I cook to learn my technique.

Thank you so much for stopping by my ‘kitchen’. Remember, you’re welcome to come over whenever you’re craving flavourful, mouth-watering, good-mood-food!

Nuff Love and Blessings,